HSBC sponsorship for interactive learning

The Trust is the recipient of sponsorship by HSBC that will support ongoing digital education delivery over three years. The project, entitled ‘Interactive Learning’, is commencing with a pilot program at PlantBank.

The interactive learning project will:

Develop a suite of online interactive learning programs and extension activities for school students using Connected Classroom technology on the themes of plant sciences, plant conservation, sustainability and the environment.

Facilitate project components of Connected Classrooms to be developed and delivered by the Community and Education Programs team to ensure the successful delivery of virtual excursions across three Botanic Gardens.

Enable training and technical support for the Community and Education Programs team in Interactive Learning tools to support the development and delivery of a wide range of online syllabus-linked interactive programs for schools and other educational audiences.

Establish connections with NSW schools and liaise with relevant government bodies such as the Department of Education and Communities, the Office of Environment and Heritage, DART and Virtual Excursions Australia, to expand the reach of Trust education programs.