Enhance your visit with the new PlantBank app

With app in hand you can now step behind the scenes into the exciting conservation work at the Australian PlantBank.

  • Explore the living laboratories and fascinating Seed Vault.

  • Walk and learn about the surrounding landscaped gardens and nearby endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland.

  • Hear from our passionate and knowledgeable scientists and horticulturists as they share the exciting projects underway at PlantBank.

  • Take the Plant Journeys with three stars of the plant world: the ancient and endangered Wollemi pine, the forest red gum and the much loved flannel flower which has been transformed from wild plant to floral super-star.

  • Puzzle over the fun Q & A and amazing plant facts.

Preserving our endangered Australian habitat, understanding the importance of plant conservation and sustainable solutions is more important than ever for life on earth.

Download the free PlantBank App today and discover more.

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