Plant journeys

PlantBank is a place where science and conservation come together.

  • How do plants grow and evolve?

  • What new uses for Australian wild plants are yet to be discovered?

  • How can we use plants more sustainably in horticulture and agriculture?

  • With so many ecosystems under threat, how can we best act to conserve plant diversity?

PlantBank scientists seek to answer these questions. They study how plants grow, develop new ways to use plants and investigate the best ways to preserve plant diversity for the future.

Plants can take many journeys through the PlantBank laboratories, seed vault, tissue-culture clean room and nursery. Explore some other journeys:

The nursery Botanic gardens are all about growing plants! Many of the plants in the Australian PlantBank nursery are grown from seeds held in the seed vault. read more

The secret life of seeds Many plant species reproduce by seeds. Seeds come in many shapes and sizes, but inside each one is a tiny embryo, surrounded by structures ensuring the greatest chance of its survival. read more and find out about: